Attendance & Medical Information





School starts at 9.00am sharp but children can enter the school from the manned gates from 8.45am and proceed to their classroom to commence Early Morning Work. If your child arrives at school after 9.00am they will be considered late.


Year R children gather in their classroom before school.


Please do not park on Church Road either before or after school as it can cause a hazard, congestion and blocks our neighbours’ access. It is important children are set a good example as citizens.


Use of the car park at the Nag’s Head requires safety and courtesy. Cars may only be parked in the top car park and care must be taken, allowing cars out before you enter.  Please do not park in the bottom car park.


Children attending Breakfast Club can access the school by the kitchen side gate. Parents must bring their children around the back of the school into the hall and sign them in the Breakfast Club Register.


All years groups can be collected from the playground outside the classroom except Year 6 who walk to the supervised front playground. If the person collecting is late, the children wait in the front entrance. Please ring us if you are delayed.



Health and Safety


No balls or equipment are allowed before school, neither are running and chasing because of the dangers of collision with so many people on the playground. The trim trail, access slopes and area around Year 6 are also out of bounds.


For safeguarding reasons, access to the building for parents is through the front entrance. Exceptions to this are Reception pupils entering their classroom.





It is a national expectation that every child is in school every day in term time. Please see the medical advice below.

Our school attendance target, regardless of illness is 96.29%. If your child is too ill to come to school, you are able to contact us on the main telephone using the pupil absence option or speak to the office staff directly.


Holidays are not allowed in term time. We are aware that occasionally there are extenuating circumstances that mean children are taken out of school. This requires the completion of a form to be submitted to the head teacher with details of the circumstances. If the reasons meet the criteria, the holiday will be authorised, if not the holiday is unauthorised and may be subject to a fine. This directive from government has changed since the printing of the prospectus.

It is unacceptable that parents should lie or worse still, put their child in a position to lie about their whereabouts to the school.


Medical Information


It is not appropriate for children to be in school when they are infectious. We will alert you to any medical concerns we have; we have qualified paediatric first aiders in school, but we are not qualified or allowed to diagnose; you therefore need to contact your doctor for advice about how long your child will need to be off school and keep us informed about your child’s absence. The School Nurse is also available to be contacted for advice.


If a child has a condition such as headlice, we will send out a blanket letter so parents can take protective measures.

It is not normal practice for school staff to give prescribed medicines, but we appreciate how difficult it is for parents to visit school during the day to administer courses of medicine so we have a consent medical form in the office so that we can help with this.