Our Church School


As a school community, we seek to be people who are filled with the Holy Spirit. 


We seek to be people who respect and love each other; who celebrate differences but stand up for what is right; who make mistakes and learn from them in forgiveness; who celebrate good times and share bad times; and who are not afraid to think about the big questions of this awesome world.  


Our special mural shows are our seven school values. 

They are linked to the values of Jesus.






We pray together every day and children are encouraged to pray individually .


There is a prayer tree in the front entrance hall. Parents, children, staff and visitors are very welcome to write prayers on the blank 'leaves' available and put them on the tree.  Revd Albert and members of the local church come to pray with the children in prayer groups every fortnight.  Dates and times are in the newsletter and parents are welcome to join with us.


Things we are praying for especially at the moment:


- People in the local area who are not well

- Children and families who are caught up in wars

- Our school and how we can make it even better