Collective Worship


Worship is a vital part of the school day, providing time for praise and reflection which contributes to the community life, atmosphere and ethos of our Church School. On Monday to Thursday there are morning worship sessions with the whole school together or divided into Key Stages.  Often these are led by pupils in the school and they almost always include pupil contributions.  We sing songs and hymns, listen to stories, watch or take part in dramas, have time for reflection and prayer, and are then sent out into the school to act on it!


On Friday there is an Achievement Celebration, at which parents are most welcome. Children are encouraged to bring in any sporting awards, certificates or badges from uniformed organisations etc. that they have gained outside of school to these assemblies so their achievements can be celebrated with all the children and staff.  Parents are politely asked to support our high standards in the hall that we expect from all the children in terms of quietness.


The class teacher will inform parents when their child’s class assembly will take place. It will also be announced in the key dates. On alternate Tuesdays, Rev Albert Watson conducts morning prayer groups with the children, with a different class each fortnight, which parents are welcome to stay for.  Details can be found in the latest newsletter.