Our Curriculum


All pupils at Moreton School are now studying the New Primary Curriculum (2014).


At Moreton, our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the child and this extends to learning and enrichment beyond the classroom walls.  Additional activities are offered by the school such as lunchtime and after school clubs, educational visits and special events during the school year.

We aim to deliver a balanced and broad-based curriculum which prepares children for the 21st Century as well as retaining the best of the accumulated knowledge of history.


Our curriculum is both skills and knowledge based.  It promotes cross curricular links; it is relevant to the local environment and the national and international context which the modern world provides.  The curriculum is developmental and ever changing to meet the needs of children.


Certain parts of the curriculum are known as core subjects. These subjects are English, Science and Mathematics. Religious Education is also a core subject. English and Mathematics learning takes place every day in every class in the school.  Science is taught in each class, twice each week.  As a Voluntary Aided Church School, the child's spiritual development is at the heart of learning.


Some skills are subject specific for example, map reading, but cross- curricular links are made so that children make sense of their learning and it is always purposeful.  Some of the ‘technical’ parts of English (Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Individual and Guided Reading, including Phonics, where we use Read Write Inc as a phonics scheme throughout EYFS and KS1, with its linked spelling scheme throughout KS2) have their own specific lessons per week to ensure effective learning in small groups.


Foundation subjects are linked to the topic when relevant. The topics can be history, geography, science, PSCHE, PE, music or art-led. This encourages children to transfer the skills and knowledge they learn to different situations. The topics are designed to fulfil the requirements of the new National Curriculum and the themes are based on a two year rolling programme for each Key Stage phase. Therefore, each child will experience every topic in the school once.  Computing is an important part of the curriculum in its own right and ICT also supports learning across the whole curriculum.


Each term Moreton welcomes visitors to the school and visits out of school to deliver some aspects of the curriculum and to enhance other areas, e.g. sport, music, dance and drama.


At Moreton we also encourage children to go beyond our curriculum.  To this end, we offer: cycling proficiency; cookery; debating; community assistance; all helping develop the skills of problem solving, communication, motivation, creative thinking and reasoning as well as teaching the skills and knowledge specified in the National Curriculum.


We believe it is very important for parents/carers to understand what and how their children are being taught. We communicate with parents in the following ways:


  • Meet the teacher / parents’ evenings the teacher  in the Autumn and Spring Terms

  • End of Year Reports

  • Termly curriculum overview

  • Newsletters and regular updates on events

  • Class and curriculum pages on the school website 

  • Parents Forum

  • Email and texting service 


Please contact the school office if you would like more information on any aspect of our curriculum.