Kamuthatha Primary School



We have a long-standing link with Kamuthatha School in Kenya. 


Kamuthatha School is a boarding primary school in the hilly and green Embu province.  The children have to work very hard, and must wash their own clothes and bedding.  They study similar subjects to Moreton pupils, but also take exams in Swahili, which is their third language!  All their other lessons are taken in English, which is their second lesson.  In Kenyan schools, speaking the children's tribal languages is banned and, because the children travel to school from tribes based all over the country, it would be impossible for them to communicate in their mother tongue!

What is the weather in Embu?
What is the weather in Embu?
What is the weather in Embu?

Click on the weather symbol to find out what the weather is like right now in Embu, Kenya!

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We take our school values from the examples of Jesus 




      - We are kind                  - We are gentle                 - We are polite




             - We listen to each other                    - We are honest



                    - We work hard                       - We look after God's world