Our Local Church


St Mary's Church in Moreton is just across the field from us, so children are able to visit frequently.  We worship in the church each term, and church members are governors of the school.


We are really lucky to have lots of people from the Moreton Benefice (which includes our catchment villages of Moreton and Bobbingworth) as well as people from the Stanford Rivers Benefice and from the Lavers Benefice who come in to join with us in worshipping and praying through the course of the term.


Rev'd Albert Watson from Moreton & Bobbingworth leads our worship every Tuesday.  Children love seeing him round school and quite a few of our current pupils have been baptised by him!


Tina Webb (Lavers Benefice) is a Foundation Governor at Moreton.  She comes into school each week and acts as a special 'Nana' for children who need a little extra support and emotional help.


FAMILY SERVICES at Moreton are normally held on the 3rd Sundays of each month and Bobbingworth on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Everyone gets a really special welcome!