School Lunches





Miss Smith is our school cook.  With her staff, she works hard every day to make sure we have great school lunches! 

Our lunches are very popular with children and staff at our school, as they are superbly tasty and excellent value for money.

Infant hot school dinners are free under the new Government scheme but must be ordered in advance. For Key Stage 2 children the cost is £2.20 per day and must be paid for in advance. School money envelopes are available at £1 per pack from the school office and children can pay for lunches on the day by dropping their envelope in the red letter box in the corridor outside the school office.


School lunches operate on a three week rotating menu with menus being changed in November and April after the children have identified their choices from the new menus. As part of our Health Education Policy, pupils are taught about a balanced diet and the kitchen staff will help pupils to choose a balanced meal. Our Midday Assistants encourage children to eat the food they have chosen using good manners. During the year we invite adults to dine with us and share lunches prepared on the premises such as our Lent lunches, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day lunches and other celebratory events.


If you think you may qualify for Free School meals regardless of the new Government scheme please speak to the office who are discreet, because we are then able to access more funds to benefit your child.