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Moreton Primary School is a successful Church of England, one-form entry school

situated just north of Ongar, a small town in the heart of rural Essex.



We seek to be people who are filled with the Holy Spirit. 


We seek to be people who respect and love each other; who celebrate

differences but stand up for what is right; who make mistakes and learn

from them in forgiveness; who celebrate good times and share bad times;

and who are not afraid to think about the big questions of this awesome




We provide access to a relevant, interesting and vital curriculum that develops

skills and talents, ensuring traditional standards are maintained whilst, at the

same time, making use of technology to equip our children for the challenges

of the 21st Century.


We hope you enjoy finding out about our school!  Please feel free to get in touch,

via the school office, if you would like more information.




Mrs Nikki Batt













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We take our school values from the examples of Jesus 




      - We are kind                  - We are gentle                 - We are polite




             - We listen to each other                    - We are honest



                    - We work hard                       - We look after God's world