Archbishop of York Awards

We firmly believe in our children becoming advocates for a change in our world and the Archbishop of York Awards support us in nurturing our pupils character development.  There are two different awards – one for KS1 and one for KS2.  The Award is a fully resourced leadership and character education programme where pupils consider the needs of their local community and build habits of helping others.  It is similar to the Duke of Edinburgh awards that are undertaken at secondary school and is a great way for pupils to learn about how they can undertake projects to make a difference in their world.

archbishop of york

In Key Stage one, the award programme is led by Mrs Mead and Mr Smith for KS1 and Mrs Batt leads our KS2 programme. The aims of the award are to:

  • Build pupils leadership skills and character
  • Grow confidence, teamwork, resilience and care for others
  • Empower pupils to serve their community

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