Out of Hours Provision

At Moreton Church of England Primary School we are very proud of our Extended School Facility and the experiences our children are offered during our Breakfast Club.  We would like to extend this to enable us to open an After School Club in the future.

Breakfast Club 

Opens at 7:45am until the start of the school day. The children are offered a healthy breakfast before joining in with various fun activities on offer. Breakfast club is an excellent time for children to socialise with one another whilst preparing themselves for a day in school.

After School Club

We have been looking into providing an after school club but at present there is not enough interest to make this a viable option.  Our aim would be for children to spend as much time as possible outside including visits or local walks as well as encouraging them to take part in craft activities, cooking, gardening, quiet chill out time and other endless opportunities. We would provide a healthy snack and drink early into the session with the children taking an active role in preparing a menu of snacks they would like us to provide. If you wish to find out more please review the information below or contact Mrs Mainwaring via the main school office.

T Truss scaled

Mrs T Trussler

Breakfast Club Assistant